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LITTLE DELPHIS 提供英國及歐洲貨品代購服務,包括嬰兒奶粉,兒童及嬰幼兒服飾、玩具,家庭用品,裝飾品等等。貨品全由英國空運直送到港。

Little Delphis provides purchasing services for goods from the UK and Europe, including baby formula, children’s and infant clothing, toys, household items, decorations, and more. All products are directly shipped to Hong Kong via air freight from the UK.


Everyday goods refers to various goods and services needed for daily life, ranging from food, clothing, household items to entertainment activities and cultural experiences. They satisfy people’s basic living needs while enriching the quality and content of life. Daily department stores are not only material satisfaction but also the pursuit and realization of a better life.

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